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Frankenstein Studio

Zlatan Ibrahimović Parfums

In collaboration with some of the leading players in the perfume world, Frankenstein Studio have worked with the creation and launch of Zlatan Ibrahimović own fragrance brand, Zlatan Ibrahimović Parfums. This autumn marks the release of the first scent from the brand, named ZLATAN. A natural representation of Mr Ibrahimovic strong personality and his journey from the suburbs of Malmö, Sweden to becoming a global superstar and role model with almost 30 million followers.

Frankenstein Studio have worked closely with Mr Ibrahimovic, perfumer Olivier Pescheux and the entrepreneurs at Amazing Brands in creating an outstanding design for the brand as well as the complete range of the original ZLATAN scent, including brand identity and packaging design as well as advertising campaign and imagery.

As part of shaping the launch strategy, Frankenstein Studio initiated a pre-launch at Colette in Paris with Mr Ibrahimovic meeting his fans. The campaign has reached worldwide attention through a successful launch campaign including social media and a inspirational campaign. The Frankenstein directed film depicting a symbolic interpretation of Zlatan’s personality, with a masculine and mystical sense of Paris, the football stadium and the notes of the scent.

The still images were shot by photographer Greg Harris. All styling was made by Azza Yousif (editor at Vogue Hommes International) and the production took place at iconic Luc Besson’s studio La Cité du Cinéma outside of Paris. Greg Harris previous work include advertising and editorials for Alexander Wang, Interview, Jonathan Anderson and Dior. DOP Crille Forsbergs commercial work include Armani, Nike, Fendi as well as music promos for Pharrell Williams and Usher.

The team has created a visual universe and will show a side of Mr Ibrahimović that you have never seen before, conveying his masculine and confident attitude and above all, the core values of the scent.

The development of the new brand has been going on for nearly two years, working down to every detail with the bottle design, graphics and advertising of the brand. We are proud to present Zlatan Ibrahimovic Perfumes, a result of the combined force of the different competencies in Frankenstein Studio, ranging from design to film, communication and launch strategy.